Monday, August 3, 2009

My New Best Friend

I love this time of year when the Ann Arbor Farmers Market begins to burst with all matter of great tasting produce. I also feel downright virtuous because I’m buying “local” and stimulating the pathetic Michigan economy. The one thing that I don’t particularly relish about my trip to the market is lugging all that produce around from stand to stand! Because our market is so popular scoring a close by parking space is not always a given. Also, is it my imagination or are the vegetables getting a lot heavier and bigger? Sort of like the rest of the population—we also have obese veggies!! No more sore arms and aching back for me—I have a market buddy thanks to Crate and Barrel. This market cart is a dream come true with plenty of space inside (there’s even an insulated bag in there too). There are outside pockets shaped perfectly for the requisite market bouquet, baguettes, and bottle of wine—be still my heart. I also have to say you feel so darn smug gliding around the market watching all the other folks schlepping what they think are their cool market baskets but hey, they weigh a ton. I’m not interested in anything unless it’s got wheels! PS it folds flat for storage-just in case you were curious. I bet I know what else you'd like to know: 49.95

1 comment:

  1. I want that bag! Not sure if my mom is using the bag i bought her. I think she'd prefer this one instead!