Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sara's Potatoes

Have you ever noticed that if you make a dish that a lot of people like and bring it repeatedly to parties over the years, the dish becomes yours? Hence, Sara’s Potatoes!  When I reach back into my cooking archives, I see that the first time I made this dish was 1986!! It was an “assignment” dish given to me to make for a progressive dinner party we were attending. The recipe was then called Potatoes Fontecchio and was taken from one of the Silver Palate cookbooks, I think. I liked the dish then and I like it still. It does not disappoint. Of course, if you don’t like garlic then maybe this isn’t the dish for you. The surprise combo I believe is the garlic with the mint and it will tickle your taste buds.

This recipe makes the dish for a crowd (16) You can easily downsize for your own purposes.

9 lbs. baby red skin potatoes
Bunch of fresh mint (chopped) if fresh mint is not available don’t make this dish
Chopped garlic (I use the jarred-it’s easy)
Freshly ground pepper
Kosher salt (a must)
Olive oil

Wash red skins and prick with fork.  Place on baking tins and roast for 1-¾ hours at 350. While still warm slice each potato in half and layer in bowl with each potato layer receiving a healthy drizzle of olive oil, salt, pepper, sprinkle of garlic and fresh mint. Serve at room temperature.


  1. I love Sara's Potatoes!! I have to say, though, that even though the "New Basics" calls them "Minty Potatoes", & I love them with the mint, I often make them without any mint whatsoever, and they are still pretty dang good. Then I guess you'd call them Garlic Potatoes...or Garlic Salted Potatoes....but I always just call them Sara's Potatoes!

  2. Thanks for the comment, my muse :-)

  3. I know I'd love these - potatoes and bread are 2 of my absolute favorites - though having Type II diabetes puts a lid on over indulging. Who would have thought that a nice-sized baked potato with butter/margarine and dill would not be a good choice for a warm lunch? However, it's all a matter of portion control so I'll take a small serving spoon of Sara's Potatos, please :-} Plus, this recipe is one more good use of the mint that tries every spring to escape its boundaries in my garden. Even better than these potatoes for a meal, I'll opt for a large serving a SARA for any dining experience!