Saturday, November 26, 2011

Saugatuck Sojourn............

Look who's heading to Saugatuck. Why should that Travelocity gnome have all the fun?

Rare one-legged paper bag turkey-known to be feisty

Just love a road trip, don't you?

Hmmmmmmmm Bella Vita Suites.......pretty nice digs

niceeeeeeeee--high thread count--goose down?
Turkey tub??
Birds of a feather?  wassup Rex?

I'll have the hummus, fried pita and a pint of porter, thanks
Which one's the turkey??


  1. Great travelogue! Hmm, I wonder who made that turkey? He looks like he has been around awhile... Glad he had a nice trip!

  2. LOL-----yes, that turkey is a rare old bird--Thurston-posse vintage :-) You see he's lost a leg over the years but remains quite feisty.

  3. I still have the paper mache pinata from first grade...bless our hearts.