Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 3-Rolling through the Green Mountains of Vermont

 I love Vermont! Case in point, as soon as we crossed the border on a little two lane road, we saw this!

And then, on down the road, we came upon a cute little town, Chester, and stopped for coffee and a macaroon at the Moon Dog Café--where you can get breakfast, lunch, buy jewelry, fresh produce, a tie dyed dress, and really a whole lot more...........see below :-)

 Of course, there's lunch to think about and we made our way to the tiniest, yet darling sandwich shop, Stella's in Hartland, Vermont. This place has about eight tables and, friendly service and food so fresh and just good, good good. Hubs had the special of the day, Bar-B-Cue Beef with hand cut fries and I had the Falafel with green salad. Both plates were delish!

 In the afternoon, we made our way into New Hampshire and rolled into Gorham around 3 PM which gave me a little shopping time before our dinner reservation at Libby's Bistro. We have eaten at this restaurant before and I just have to say if you are ever in the vicinity of Gorham, New Hampshire do not leave without taking one meal at this exceptional establishment. Everything about this place is perfect--from the service, to the drinks, to the food--unpretentious, inventive, authentic American food in a restored house with mismatched chairs and silverware. The chef, Liz, is an award winner and when you taste her food you'll know why.

We shared a starter of house-made bread and spreads--see below: French and olive breads with goat cheese and sweet corn spread, kale pesto, and heirloom tomato bacon jam--oh yeah-you heard that right!

 My camera's batteries ran out so I only captured one main dish: Deconstructed Cassoulet which had duck, sausage, and pork over white beans and baby carrots. My dish was Chicken Breast with a fresh tomato "gravy" over mashed fingerling potatoes served with a fresh Vietnamese Salad--sounds odd but you had to taste it to know how scrumptious, yummy and inventive it was!

Deconstructed Cassoulet
 Of course, I've heard their desserts are out of this world, but honestly, we have to have SOME restraint!

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  1. Dad's ready-to-pounce folded hands in the homemade spreads photo tell me everything I need to know about Libby's. ;-)