Monday, August 30, 2010

Road Trip Day 2

Leaving Vermont and riding down route 7 south here is a major tip:  If ever in the vicinity of Vergennes, VT--run (no not walk) to 3 Squares Cafe! Brunch delights included a bacon egg, spinach, cheddar cheese panino for dear husband and absolutely the BEST and, somewhat unconventional, Huevos Rancheros for moi. My dish was incredible--the picture does not do it justice but, suffice it to say, if in Vermont DO NOT miss this spot! The vibe in this little place: the decor, the staff, and the customers--- the "gestalt" of the place really works--bravo to them!

The Panino
The Huevos
Dinner found us in Bennington, Vermont at a very cool pub on Main Street, Madison Brewery. We split the Eggplant Provencal Sandwich and if you happen upon this place be sure someone in your party orders this!

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  1. look at those huevos! if i could have split myself in half, 1/2 would be with you two and the other 1/2 would have been with ad in portland. i love food too much!