Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trip 2010-Last NIght!

When on Route 90 crossing New York State, I can recommend Hoak's Restaurant on Lakeshore Drive in Hamburg NY. Order the fish fry with half fries and half homemade potato salad--yep-It's good!!


  1. We didn't have any fried fish! OMG!! Next time..

  2. It was too much fish to finish! The batter was delish!

  3. OMG how YOU wish
    you had eaten fried fish!

    YOU left fish on your dish--
    but it sure was delish!

    [a fishy dish of kitsch
    from Mary back in Mich :-]

  4. Glad you enjoyed Hoaks! Hoaks is very close to where I grew up- and about 10 miles from the cottage. We still go there for a fish fry or beef on weck. My brother washed dishes at Hoaks in high school. Several years ago we were at Hoaks and so was the rock band, The Who, having dinner after a concert at Rich Stadium.

  5. Hey Linda--that is so cool that we were so close to your place and that this restaurant held memories for you! Because I had no idea exactly where your cottage was located I didn't know we were so close but I had the "feeling" we were in the vicinity. We LOVED Hoaks. It was a gorgeous night and we sat out on the patio out back. The fish was scrumptious and we were bemoaning the fact that we had nowhere like this back in AA.