Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fast Appetizer

Ever looking for a fast appetizer that's quick, looks good, and is fairly healthful??

Look no further, behold the Medi-Mex Quick Plate!

1.  Find a nice plate!*
2.  Use stuffed grape leaves from a good place
3.  Spread some hummus on wafer thin flat bread (I like the WASA brand)-sprinkle on some smoked paprika (if you don't have any smoked paprika-get it--It's so good!)
4.  Throw on some Kalamata olives and green ones stuffed with jalapenos-

Add a glass of red wine or a nice cold beer and you're in business :-)

*My nice plate was a gift from my son who traveled to Mexico many years ago on a school trip-I was happy that he brought me this pretty memento. I was more happy that he returned alive however, AFTER I heard about his adventures while there! Mon Dieu!