Thursday, August 21, 2014

Good Lunch

Sometimes it seems as though there's nothing in the house for lunch but then I remember there's Fried Rice! I had a very little bit of cooked rice in the fridge. I always have carrots, onions and eggs as well as soy sauce. I also just happened to have two small slices of Canadian bacon so we were in business.

1 small carrot, diced very small
1/4 onion, diced small
Canadian bacon, diced small
some butter
some cooked rice--maybe 3/4 cup?
1 large egg, beaten
soy sauce

In medium non-stick skillet I melted some butter and sautéed the carrot, onion and bacon for five minutes, then added the cooked rice. Sloshed on some soy sauce and stirred that all around. Then I pushed that mixture to one side and poured in the egg and scrambled it up. When the egg was pretty much cooked, I broke it up and stirred it into the rice. Transferred all that to a bowl and had a nice lunch :-)

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