Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Today my mother would have been 97! Sadly, she has been gone for the past 17 years and I miss her presence, her laugh, and her sense of humor. Today also happens to be my brother Beale's birthday--what a present she got that day 71 years ago! I am feeling nostalgic for foods that defined us as a family and one favorite was a dish commonly called "Wilted Lettuce" which at first blush may not sound that appetizing. However, upon closer scrutiny, one sees that it's leaf lettuce that is doused with hot bacon dressing so really, how could that be bad? When my mother would make this salad back in the day it rarely even made it to the table as my brothers and I would literally inhale it as soon as she poured that hot dressing on the green leaves.  One bite of this dish takes me back, way back to the house on Merrick Avenue and a time when our greatest dilemma was what drive in movie we'd get to see that night. I miss my mom and I miss my big bro Jeff. Food is comfort and love--RIP to two of my favorite people.

a bunch of leaf lettuce washed and dried (can't be damp)
5 pieces of bacon
4 T apple cider vinegar
1 T sugar
some pepper
a bunch of green onions, sliced
2 hard cooked eggs, diced up (I added this cause I thought it would be a good addition and it was)

Cook up the bacon, drain on paper towel, and crumble. To the bacon grease, add the vinegar, sugar and some pepper. Stir well and cook just a bit.  Pour over the greens, toss, and add the onion and bacon. Serve right away adding the optional egg on top.


  1. Food does bring back many memories. I didn't eat much variety back then but do recall the smells of all those meals at home and at Aunt Jerry's. So sad that important people in our lives leave so soon. (Says the 20/20 Monday morning quarter back!) Can't wait to spend time with you guys real soon. Rumor has it that the cook is going on a lobster vacation. Now back to the hot bacon dressing - sounds wonderful. Leave the egg off mine please. (I'll be coming to Ann Arbor for some of these great meals real soon when the cook is back on duty!)